Wednesday, 9 April 2008

No time for cricket

This week started off lousy and turned dishy on the edge of a dime. Though I was unable to make it to London to meet Jónsi and Alex of Riceboy Sleeps, we were able to make our appointment by phone and they were so incredible gratious and down-to-earth that optimism crept back into my heart (two sizes too small). That said, I did miss an appointment with the great Monika Forsberg.

Then interviews and appointments from Theo Jansen, Marci Washington, Lisa Robinson, Johnna Arnold, Chris Randall & Jim Turner of Second Home Productions, and Roy Andersson started to bear fruit so things really took off. The only downside being a bottleneck of interviews which means no time for cricket.

We're also rapidly approaching the 50th published interview as well as the 500th post; small but significant milestones on the winding path of the WIRE.


Betty C. said...

500 posts is a milestone - I think I have passed it on my three blogs, but somehow that doesn't seem quite the same.

Your interviews are so well-done -- why don't you try to sell them to magazines? Not that Siouxwire isn't a great platform, but...

Ok, maybe I've been teaching in business school too long.

Siouxfire said...

Thank you. I'm learning bit by bit by experience to interview. I don't think I've quite got it right yet, but it's getting there.

As for selling them, I'm not too interested though I am working on a project in print that is linked with SiouxWIRE though not the interviews themselves. More about that as things progress.

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