Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Björk, Encyclopedia Pictura, & Stereogum

Two new treats for fans of Bjork: the video for Wanderlust, the fourth track from her album Volta and a free remix of her album Post. The video has been created by Encyclopedia Pictura and the remix album is from Stereogum and is titled Enjoyed: A Tribute to Bjork's Post.

The video for Wanderlust has been gestating for the last 9 months with Encyclopedia Pictura who has been responsible for some unique creations in the last few years. Finally born, the video which can be viewed in 3D or 2D is a delicious blend of organic elements and ingenious craft which is fertile with textures, ideas, and feelings.

Below is the full, flash video for Wanderlust. Alternatively, the high resolution Quicktime version is available HERE on the Encyclopedia Pictura site though it is quite slow at the moment due to demand.

Encyclopedia Pictura are filmmakers Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch. More about the making of the film can be seen on video at the New York Times website HERE as well as HERE at Bjork's MySpace. The pair were also interviewed at Studio Daily and I have compiled a sample of their other work HERE.

Encyclopedia Pictura
Stereogum - Bjork
New York Sun - Wanderlust article
New York Times - Wanderlust video
One Little Indian records
Encyclopedia Pictura interview (Studio Daily)
Encyclopedia Pictura interview (Dazed Digital)
Siouxfire Encyclopedia Pictura collection
Free 3D specs


Betty C. said...

I actually quite liked this video because I felt like the video was the main work: the music complemented it nicely.

What I hate are efforts to "put a song to video" -- I felt the Cohen one fell into that category. The Björk example seems to be a true collaboration, with some brilliant animation to boot.

Siouxfire said...

I was curious to see what you would think of this one.

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