Thursday, 10 April 2008


Vilayanur Ramachandran is a neurologist best known for his work on neurological disorders through simple, low-tech investigations that reveal the inner workings of the brain. The work of a neuroscientist may seem incongruous to SiouxWIRE, but understanding how our minds function and perceive the world is well within mandate.

In addition to pursuing a career in neuroscience, Vilayanur also studied visual perception through psychophysics and is credited with the discovery of visual effects and illusions such as perceived slowing of motion at equiluminance (where red and green are seen as equally bright), stereoscopic capture using illusory contours, stereoscopic learning, shape-from-shading, and motion capture. See HERE for Ramachandran's illusions.

The video below is Vilayanur's talk on how brain damage can reveal the links between internal structures of our minds:

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