Monday, 28 April 2008


The Art Gallery of Ontario has announced that Sarah Anne Johnson is the inaugural winner of the Grange Prize for Contemporary Photography. A jury comprised of representatives from the Art Gallery of Ontario and underwriters Aeroplan selected the five finalists representing Canadian and international artists whose work you can see represented here.

The final vote was selected solely by the public via The Grange Prize website which troubles me somewhat. Though one can certainly get a flavour for an image on-line, it isn't the same as viewing the print itself. Add to that the various settings and attributes of screens used to view the selection and it muddies the waters even more. There is certainly a lot of work in the selection that screams for a larger format than is on offer, but I think that's a discussion left for later.

It's an interesting group of artists and each have an eclectic mix of work in their portfolios. Visit The Grange Prize site for more of their work or go to the end of this post for additional links.

George Steinmetz wasn't one of the finalists though his aerial image of clear-cut forest masked from the road was brought to mind by Sarah Anne Johnson's "The Buffer Zone".

The Grange Prize
Art Gallery of Ontario
Sarah Anne Johnson (Julie Saul Gallery)
Liu Zheng
Miao Xiaochun Wiki
Huang Yan Wiki
Raymonde April

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