Wednesday, 2 April 2008

SiouxWIRE Snippets 6

No wonder the art scene is so white
Bidisha, Guardian Unlimited
It wasn't much of a debate, but an ICA talk ended up revealing plenty about the prejudices and privileges which riddle the art world

What is diversity in the arts?
Mark Ravenhill, Guardian Unlimited
'There's no diversity problem in the arts,' my friend said. 'As long as you're middle class'

Man with a Country
Seyed Mohammad Marandi, Guernica
Iran's USA scholar says it's not just American politics that demonize Iran, it's the culture, including books and films

A rare case of artists advocating censorship
Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle
The shock of the protest lies not only in its vehemence but also in the fact that it involves the rare spectacle of artists, including many SFAI faculty members, advocating censorship.

What house-builders can learn from igloos
Dan Cruickshank, BBC News
The igloo's apparently simple design masks an engineering marvel and could teach modern builders a thing or two, says Dan Cruickshank, who helped build one for his new TV series.

Schooling the Artists' Republic of China
David Barboza, New York Times
With a booming art market, commercial pressure is trickling down to the academies.

The Unholy Trinity
Bernard Marcadé, TATEetc.
Bernard Marcadé on Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia

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