Tuesday, 1 April 2008


A wolf and a deer in an immaculate closed gallery are the basis for Mircea Cantor's Deeparture. Having read several interpretations of the meaning of this short film, I was surprised at the variation in the reactions and how far they diverged from my own feelings about this piece.

For me, the idea that the wolf will attack the deer is only an extreme unlikelihood but the tension is there. Between the two, there is a relationship that is palpable and easy to identify in the stark environment. The feeling that it evokes for me is that of being a stranger, a foreigner, an outsider with an indefinable unease that I feel is evoked with Deeparture. They both have fears of the environment in which they are placed while at the same time holding the mantles of hunter and hunted; or do these even matter anymore?

It's an interesting work. You can view it below. I am curious to hear what you think...

Deeparture, 2005 - 16mm transfer to beta / silent

Born in Cluj, Romania in 1977, Mircea Cantor left home in 1999, hitch-hiking across Europe until settling in France. Despite this, a high proportion of his works continue to have strong ties to Romania. He is co-editor of the artist-run magazine, Version. Living and working in Paris and Cluj, Mircea is represented by Galerie Yvon Lambert in Paris & New York, and Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Starting today (2 April 2008), an unusual exhibition at Modern Art Oxford exhibits Mircea's work together with Ansel Adams and Katie Paterson. Entry is free and the exhibition continues until 1 June, 2008.

Mircea Cantor Channel (YouTube)
Version Magazine
Mircea Cantor (Frieze Magazine)
Galerie Yvon Lambert
Dvir Gallery
Modern Art Oxford

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