Sunday, 1 July 2007

YANNICK PUIG's "I lived on the Moon"

Yannick Puig has created this surreal and soothing video for Kwoon's "I lived on the moon" from the album Tales & Dreams. A nice diversion for a Sunday morning.

And here's another video from Yannick, Krapooya...

I lived on the Moon
MySpace Video
YouTube Video
Yannick MySpace
Videology - director interview
Kwoon MySpace
CG Talk thread (source)


Betty C. said...

Very enjoyable. I'm sending your post to my eldest daughter, who is really into moon and star imagery.

Siouxfire said...

I know I've stumbled across other moon/star stuff--I'll see if I can dig them up for you.

Betty C. said...

She really enjoyed it by the way. Needless to say, she's a big fan of Le Petit Prince...

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