Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Stephen Floyd and J.P. Coovert are artists and founders of One Percent Press. In addition to the other artists, Floyd and Coovert create deceptively simple, honest, and refreshing works in the form of both comics and zines (as well as music).

The One Percent Press site is worth a browse with preview pages of a good number of their works. To give a flavour of their approach, here are their own words:
"Professionalism is too often mistaken for being synonymous with quality. Artists often search for some big name to be affiliated with, in hopes that this will add validity to his or her art. Even in independent circles, it seems more often than not, that artists are more pre-occupied with wanting to be on a hip new comic or record label (or whatever the case may be), than creating good art.

As artists, we reject this notion that in order to be "legitimate" you have to be involved with an already established label, indie or otherwise. As people, we come from a very strong DIY background, which we took with us from growing up in punk rock. We also reject the notion that there are any limitations or boundaries in punk, or within DIY for that matter. We will work as hard and put as much care into our art as we please.

We hope to make art that is engaging, thoughtful, and made with our best intentions and care. We're trying, and encourage anyone else to try also. We're just people trying to get our ideas out there."

One Percent Press
One Percent Press MySpace

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