Monday, 23 July 2007


Attempting to describe the virtues of oriental sweets to westerners is difficult. The doughy, gnocchi-like textures, tempered sweetness, and marzipan-like shapes are a refreshing alternative to the sugared sweets typically on offer in the west. Their colours and aesthetic are wonders on their own.

Given the attention that food has received recently in arts circles, I can't help but consider the possibilities in the mediums used in these confectioneries. Ferran Adrià, chef and proprietor of El Bulli was featured in this year's Documenta art show which kicked off that perennial and pointless question of "Is it art?"

PingMag have a fascinating post on wagashi(Japanese sweets) and their reflections in colour and scent of the seasons for which they are made. Read it HERE and should you have the opportunity to sample oriental sweets, do not let it pass.

PingMag article
Is food art? - Guardian Unlimited article
Documenta 12
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Wagashi - Tokyo Cube article
Wagashi wiki

Wagashi Japanese Bakery (London) 02086991393

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