Thursday, 5 July 2007

Drink the Links

It's been something of an uproar this week working on the overhaul as well as life, but I have finally made it around to updating the links which are now conveniently served in bite sized, categorized chunks further down the right panel.

I've forsaken linking to individual artists as those I admire have either been or will feature in either an interview or post and have concentrated on sites covering a broader range of work.

Please browse and visit them. They are all top quality and in line with the ethos of this blog range from all disciplines and class. Enjoy.

I just realized that the picture I whipped together for this post appears rather cult-ish with its "follow the wire" slogan. Somehow the concept I had of the internet being the 'wire' in a sort of double meaning doesn't seem as clear in the end result as it did in my befuddled brain.

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