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This gem from French animators Jack, Kalkair, Pozla, Waterlili and Moke. crafted for the BornHIVFree project is a wonderous, hopeful beacon for a worthy project. The Les Bonzoms team have worked on a series of feature projects including Persepolis and earlier this year were offered the chance to pool their talents under the Bonzom name by Passion Paris (Passion Pictures' Paris based studio). Be sure to add your name in support.

“The purpose of the Born HIV Free campaign is to encourage millions of people to support The Global Fund so we can finally put an end to the tragedy of 430,000 babies being born HIV-positive every year, when we have the means and the expertise to prevent this.” says Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Global Ambassador for the protection of mothers and children against AIDS. “Hopefully this beautiful film will reach a wide audience because of its creative ingenuity, and inspire millions of people to support The Global Fund so we can finally put an end to this terrible injustice.”

“Baby in the Sky” is a highly creative and imaginative animated film that conveys the beauty of life ahead for an unborn child. The film artistically portrays an imaginary journey in a world full of adventurous landscapes and fantastic creatures. It ends with a call from Carla Bruni-Sarkozy for an HIV-free generation in which she says “Life is a beautiful journey. Don’t let AIDS kill it.”

The film owes its powerful soundtrack to multi-award winning and singer/songwriter artist Amy Winehouse, who offered the pro-bono use of her “Back to Black” song for the film.

“It was a question of finding a true resonance with the images in the film created by Bonzoms”, says musician / producer Julien Civange, who conceived the Born HIV Free campaign, about the use of Winehouse’s music. “We wanted to find a piece that was modern but also well known, something that carried the same sensibility as the film. The magic came with the soundtrack by Amy Winehouse, an artist that Carla considers one of the greatest and most talented of her generation and who was generous enough to participate in the campaign.”

Credits :

Commissioners :
The Global Fund

Julien Civange manager of the campaign
for Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Production Company :
Passion Paris Production
Director :
Jack-Antoine Charlot/Bonzom
Executive Producer :
Marc Bodin-Joyeux
Claire Potel

Animation Production :
Je suis bien content
Production manager :
Marc Jousset
Perrine Capron
Script & original idea :
Olivier Bardy & Jack Antoine Charlot
Storyboard :
Animation :
Guillaume Delaunay
Dimitri Lecoussis
Damien Barrau
Davy Durand

Compositing :
François Leroy
Jimmy Audoin

Sound Design Studio
Sound designer :
Michael Fakesch & Stéphane Papin

Voice-over : Carla Bruni Sarkozy

Music : Amy Winehouse/Universal “Back to black

BornHIVFree (YouTube)
BornHIVFree (Facebook)
Passion Paris
The Global Fund
BornHIVFree Wiki

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