Friday, 9 October 2009

Thanks to those faraway

In the last year while things have been sporadic at best and static at worst as far as updates are concerned, things have been ticking over thanks to all of you visitors. The Imaginarium is nearing visitor 100,000 which is a humble milestone relative to some blogs but it wouldn't have happened without the unsolicited support I've received from around the globe.

Trawling through the visitors data, I wasn't surprised to find that our old friend Dek has contributed heavily toward traffic numbers on the Imaginarium from his site NoFatClips. I was also astonished to discover new and wonderful sites such as THIS, Sãosócoisas, and Zivvoug. Despite being non-English sites, through their links and media I've found kindreds; so heartening.

Also, thanks to all the other sites, subscribers and passers by who keep me going on fatigued, flu-burdened nights like this one.

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