Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The creation of Brigitte Burdin and Gilles Rhode in 1992, the Company Transe Express perform in unusual public spaces. My favourite is their Celestial Art or theatre in the sky favouring gigantic mobile constructions. Similar to La Machine and Royal de Luxe, their Gilliam-esque shows are wonderous and uplifting in their scope and execution.

« Celestial Art »… A Baroque or naïve expression ? A bazaar of accessories? Of too-heavy Angels hissed by groaning pulleys, blue golden skies, cotton clouds stuck to Columbus of escaped voices from the Sistine Chapel. Celestial fireworks? Machinery invented to overcome the Peasants? Plumes of nacre or the first wings of articulated wood… A genius deployed to rule the surrounding space does not escape the burlesque. Could this be a dare for space shuttles or sputniks?
- Sylvie Meunier,
Extract of book L’Art Céleste, théâtre au-dessus de la ville

Compagnie Transe Express (EN)
Transe Express (LeFourneau)
Transe Express (Flickr)

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