Monday, 26 October 2009

MIKE BOOTH, Graham Murkett, and the Bolex Brothers

Animator and director Mike Booth's work crosses boundaries often times with thoughtful and downright funny results. See some of his work below or follow the links as usual at the end of this post.

NOTE: Some his material is certainly not "work-friendly".

From Screenplay Productions Ltd. UK...

Mike Booth began working in animation in 1995 at Aardman Animations, and since then has worked as a freelance stop-motion animator on numerous commercials, short films, and a few children's series. In 1996 he wrote and directed The Saint Inspector, a short film produced by BolexBrothers that won twelve international awards and was nominated for a BAFTA. In 1998 he directed another award-winning short for Channel 4, Little Dark Poet, and was later one of the scriptwriters on Angry Kid, a series of comedic sketches that appeared on BBC3. He has written four feature film scripts of varying degrees of terribleness, and several sitcom pilots that were just too weird to ever see the light of day. Since 2000 Mike has been working more on 2D animated projects using After Effects and Flash. His series of animated vlogs Some Grey Bloke, voiced by Mike, has appeared fortnightly on YouTube since the summer of 2007.

What Facebook is for (2009)

Little Dark Poet (1999)

My ExWife 3 (2009)

The Saint Inspector (1996)

SomeGreyBloke (YouTube)
Graham Murkett & Other Odditites (Blog)
Bolex Brothers
Screenplay Productions Ltd.
Mike Booth (IMDB)

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