Monday, 19 May 2008

Postcard as Diamond

I have a small request from all of you that requires very little effort but will mean a great deal to a sick little boy for whom a calendar has become a countdown. Diagnosed with leukemia some months ago, he is beyond treatment and to keep himself going, he has taken to collecting postcards sent from various places. He's a part of my extended family and is currently living in Poland. At just 8 years old, it's an absolute tragedy.

What I'm asking is that anyone out there who is willing to send him a postcard, email me at sioux(at) and I'll send along his name and address. For him, a postcard is a source of wonder and inspiration.

And for those of you who have blogs, please feel free to duplicate this post as you see fit.

All the best,

Children with Leukemia (childhood cancer charity)
Leukemia Research (UK)
Leukemia (UCSF Children's Hospital)
Leukemia Wiki

NOTE: The image above features my own son and not the person in question


Betty C. said...

I'm emailing you immediately!

Siouxfire said...

Thank you. The appeal is going well.

Anonymous said...

First postcard went out in today's mail, and I have a few more that will go out over the next few weeks!

Siouxfire said...

Thank you, Steve. I am trying to coordinate the various postcards so they will maintain their momentum over time.

I managed to get a friend working for British Airways to start networking and she'll be sending a card from Athens today. I'm compiling a list of the various cities from which cards have been sent.

This experience certainly has changed my perception profoundly and it has been dominating my thoughts. Pulling something from the blurred periphery into sharp focus...

I had a general (perhaps modern?) feeling that Leukemia was treatable but without early diagnosis of its somewhat generic symptoms, the prognosis is grim.

Anyhow, I can't thank everyone who contributes enough.

Pam said...

I have put this post on my blog...and sending email to you now. Thank YOU for doing this!

Clare said...

I saw the post on Betty's blog and she referred me to yours. I run Quilts 4 Leukaemia and would love to make this little boy a quilt. If this is ok with the parents;, could you please email back asap. I can hopefully get it finished by the end of August.

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