Friday, 16 May 2008

Introducing MARK LECKEY

Mark Leckey is the third introduction to the four nominees for this year's Turner Prize. I have to say it's refreshing to see an established artist with a MySpace page. In addition to being a fan of Doctor Who, Madame Bovary, and Little Richard, Leckey provides this to the point introduction:
I am a British artist. I show with the Cabinet in London, Gavin Brown's in New York and Buchholz Galerie in Cologne. I teach at the Stadelschule in Frankfurt and have a band called Jack too Jack....
In regard to his work, it is varied, often hybrid, and intrinsically modern. He is nominated for his solo exhibitions which incorporate sculpture, film, sound and performance.

Borborygmus in the Kunstvereins basement


Mark Leckey (MySpace)
JackTooJack (MySpace) - Mark Leckey's band
Mark Leckey (Guardian Unlimited)
Mark Leckey (Frieze)
Mark Leckey (ArtForum)
Mark Leckey (Manifesta 5)

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