Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Favourite Scenes: MAN ON THE MOON

Milos Forman's biopic of Andy Kaufman, Man on the Moon was received with mixed reviews and tepid box office, but a number of the negative reviews seem to have missed the point as much as those who felt compelled to label Kaufman a comedian. For me, Milos Forman managed to create a biopic that deftly captures the spirit of its subject with Jim Carrey putting in a solid performance.

The scene that ranks among my favourites is short(less than a minute) and segues onto Kaufman's funeral. It is the moment that Kaufman(Carrey) realises that his last shot at survival is a falsehood. In that instant, Carrey exudes fear, acceptance, appreciation, humour, and something else that is hard to grasp; perhaps regret? Resignation? It's difficult to tell, but it is a potent moment that is compounded by the fact that during this expression, Carrey's gaze is firmly fixed on us/the audience.

Below are clips including the scene in question. If you've not seen the film, I recommend giving these a miss.

Here is a selection of videos pertaining to the film and Andy Kaufman...

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