Saturday, 23 August 2008

Featurette: CHEN JIANG

The composition of these images from Chinese photographer Chen Jiang feel to me like one of Rembrandt's crowd scenes where details are everywhere yet the subject always stands out. The palette is even similar and while it is heavy with dull and sombre tones, the splashes of more vivacious colours somehow wins out to give the image a more optimistic feel.

"Chen Jiagang (Sichuan 1963) is an architect, businessman, curator and collector turned artist. His large photographic works, digitally blended, capture the destruction of China's big cities but also a yearning for the past. Many of his works are in black-and-white, often with colored figures, such as a woman dressed in a qipao, or a family in old Shanghai. The artist seems to take as his subject the struggle between man and nature."
Follow the links at the end of this post for more of his work.

Chen Jiang (China Square)
Chen Jiang (Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery)
"Sanxian" (
Travelling with the Ghost (source)

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