Monday, 26 July 2010


"Rachel Goodyear’s drawings present captured moments where characters reside within an existence where social etiquette no longer, or maybe never, applied. Many are seemingly devoid of emotion or stare blankly in resignation. Each physical piece of work and the occurrences and characters they deliver are preoccupied with their own individual existence within the boundaries of the surface they are drawn upon. Therefore, when groups of drawings are shown together, further relationships start to occur, creating an ever-evolving disjointed narrative as pieces are added and taken away.

She looks for unlikely relationships in everything she encounters and an idea is just as likely to be sparked by a peculiar happening that interrupts the mundane, as a major event that changes the way she lives, as a few words lifted from an advert for car insurance. From this constant everyday cross-referencing she creates carefully constructed coincidences that are delicate in their nature and unsettling in their content."

Rachel Goodyear
Artist of the Week (Guardian)

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