Thursday, 24 July 2008

ANDREW BREEN's "Invisible Seas"

I really like Andrew Breen's latest series, Invisible Seas. The statement accompanying the series says:
"In my previous photographic series, Night on Land, I constructed miniature, alien environments. Devoid of any life forms, these images presented the "ideal" aesthetics of early sci-fi cinema. In my new body of work, Invisible Seas, I am fabricating and directing my own nautical creatures in response to what is hidden in the Night on Land pictures.

Using the visual markers of scientific and underwater photography, Invisible Seas challenges perceptual systems through the exploration of the synthetic and biological, real and imaginary. While combining clay and plastic models and cultivated organisms and then photographing them underwater, I address the relationship between how these life forms appear versus what they actually are."

Andrew Breen
Andrew Breen Blog
Andrew Breen (Columbia College Chicago)

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